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Authentic Leadership 15 Sep-20 Oct





11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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6 week course: Authentic Leadership through Practical Mindfulness

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to react with yesterday’s logic!’ Peter Drucker

As the impact of the pandemic continues to have a profound effect on people there is a need for a different style of leadership, Authentic Leadership, building trust and compassion within the workforce. This is a great opportunity for leaders and managers to develop a compassionate style of leadership and by doing so embed a deeper more meaningful workplace culture in their organisation or business resulting in increased focus, engagement and productivity.

This 6 week course is an introduction to practical mindfulness as a leadership technique. Authenticity comes with a deeper self awareness and self management of thoughts and emotions. Over the 6 weeks participants are introduced to explore and develop the skill of being present and deepening their awareness in the moment. Each week there is a theme of focus and participants are expected to introduce a mindfulness practice into their daily life.

Mindfulness is about adopting an attentive, non- judgmental awareness of the present moment and awareness of the world around you.

Learning outcomes

Increased self understanding and self management

A greater understanding of others

Flexible and effective interaction with others

Increased leadership confidence and clarity

Increase in productivity and focus

Reduced levels of stress

An understanding of the neuroscience behind mindfulness



The course is delivered via zoom meetings for one hour each week (6 weeks). Places are limited. It is a practical and interactive course where participants are expected to apply skills into their work/ home life. Support is given between sessions and all mindfulness exercise recordings shared with participants. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.


Part 1 Tuesday 15 September

Part 2 Tuesday 22 September

Part 3 Tuesday 29 September

Part 4 Tuesday 06 October

Part 5 Tuesday 13 October

Part 6 Tuesday 20 October

Cost is £100 +VAT for members and £150 + VAT for non-members. Price includes all six sessions.

Your tutor

Helen is a fully accredited and insured coach with a professional background in Psychology and mental health. With over 25 years of experience in mental health and personal development, Helen has been practising mindfulness herself for over 15 years. She is a founding board member of Aware NI.

An accredited life coach for 15 years and a mindfulness practitioner, she helps clients develop techniques to build confidence, take control of emotions and live to their full potential.

Helen runs her own business IndigoLife Coaching providing personal & professional development coaching services to individuals, businesses and organisations.

Indigolife is a way of being, a way of living being true to yourself. Helen helps people re- connect with their intuition, become unstuck and fit in their own skin.

Creating personal strategies for a future of possibilities….



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