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Performance Management Workshop with Consult HR


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9:30 am - 11:00 am

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Julie Pollock from Consult HR helps managers and business owners with the day to day struggles of managing staff.  She is an expert in providing solutions to staffing problems and stops expensive mistakes from happening.

Julie will be speaking about the top reasons why staff don’t perform to the level you expect from them, she will share with you her top tips on what you can do to manage this, systems to put in place and how to hold that all important performance meeting with your staff to put them back on track.

Julie says ‘Staff performance is a common problem business owners and managers struggle with, I regularly hear about employees making mistakes they shouldn’t, missing deadlines, a normally good staff members performance drops, ‘their just not up to scratch’…..this is just to name a few.  Did you ever think of the knock on effect poor performing staff has on your business and your bottom line?  Statistics say you can increase your profits by 27% and productivity by 38% in your business by managing this effectively.

On Tuesday 22nd October Julie will share effective ways on how you can handle these situations to improve performance and profits within your business’

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