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Cross Border Customs Clearance 21 September





11:00 am - 11:45 am

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The process of getting your goods across international borders can be confusing and frustrating. Customs clearance not only requires a great deal of preparation and documentation, but its procedures also differ from country to country. While international trade is simpler now than it was a few decades ago – thanks to the lowering of trade barriers, simplification of rules and introduction of new technology – customs clearance remains a challenge. And of course, Brexit has impacted on procedures into and out of Northern Ireland.

 The Northern Ireland protocol has removed the need for border controls on the island of Ireland but sets out new rules for goods moving from Great Britain into Northern Ireland.

In order for NI businesses to grasp the resulting opportunities they should be clear on procedures – and there is help available! Our panel of experts outline the issues and opportunities and answer your queries around cross border customs clearance. We will also hear the experiences of a local business doing cross border trade in the current climate of change and their learnings around key challenges.

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