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Developing a Company Health & Wellbeing Programme 24 November





11:00 am - 11:45 am

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 Developing a Company Health & Wellbeing Programme – Driving Employee Engagement

Ensuring that employees are “happy and here” is a growing focus for many HR departments. Most employers run ad hoc wellbeing activities in the workplace over the course of a typical year, often tying in with a national awareness-raising day or campaign involving changing a particular health-related behaviour, for example, National Stress Awareness Day or No Smoking Day.

However, moving from this kind of approach to a more strategic wellbeing programme requires a significant degree of planning, aligned with the organisation’s broader business or service plan.

Niall Conway talks us through the concept of a Health & Wellbeing Programme and what that means in terms of general employee engagement and their physical and mental wellbeing. He will discuss the reasons why a business may have one and what are the benefits and potential costs of introducing an EE programme.

Neil will discuss the different types of Wellbeing initiatives that business may consider for their staff and summarise with a quick guide to a successful Health & Wellbeing programme.



Presenter bio:

Niall Conway, Conway Consulting

Niall is a senior Training and Organisational Development Consultant, trading under Conway Consulting. He wears ‘two hats’ – two days a week he is a HR & Engagement Manager for a small manufacturing Company, the other three, he concentrates on all things Training and Organisational Development.  Typical areas covered within ‘OD’ that he works on would be: Company Culture and Strategy; Management Development and bespoke Training Workshops, Employee Engagement & Health and Wellbeing Programmes, Staff Surveys, Performance Management systems and Line Manager coaching and mentoring.

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