Marketing Workshop - How to Grow Sales

Venue: Chamber Office
Date: 15/11/17 - 15/11/17
Time: 10:00 - 12:00
Price: £20.00 (Non Members £30.00)

Marketing Workshop - How to Grow Sales

How to grow sales by attracting theright audience online

This essential workshop will be facilitated by digitalmarketing specialist Denis Finnegan and content/PR specialist Ian Cullen fromdigital agency Grofuse.

Who is it for

Owner-managers, sales and marketing managers, professionalsand business leaders with a website or other online presence, who seekeffective solutions to attract new business and grow sales.

What's the benefits

Attendees will learn the skills and behaviours which areproven to generate sales growth from digital presence.

From the nuts and bolts of creating a focussed digitalstrategy to boost business growth, to the basic understanding of activitiesincluding user experience (UX), sourcing organic and paid traffic, the importanceof content and content management.


Every business needs to grow online and Grofuse has all ofthe expertise needed to drive that process.

Grofuse is a wholly results-driven digital agency whichfuses all of the expertise needed for the complete digital grow package to helpbusinesses achieve sales goals.

Grofuse is defined by its sales-focussed digital marketing,engaging PR, effective web development and stunning design.