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  • What Difference would a City Deal make for Derry?

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    There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about getting the UK Government to support a City Deal for Derry. Just to be clear a City Deal is simply the mechanism that could help the city unlock its true potential.  A City Growth Deal is not a new concept – it is perhaps new terminology, but essentially it is about investing on game changers that will drive and deliver positive economic outcomes.  There are 30 City Deals already in place throughout England, Scotland & Wales – although each city deal is different it is fair to say that most look at delivering positive outcomes in relation to infrastructure, employment, health, income and skills.  Our proposed City Growth Deal is very much looking at improving each of these strands by investing in key catalyst projects as outlined in the City’s Community Plan. 

    It is widely recognised that the City region is not performing well economically. In recent weeks the historic context of this has been widely discussed, and indeed contested, but the reality is STILL anchored in our current economic indices. They are poor, and we remain at the bottom of almost all deprivation measures. 

    Rather than discuss the past failures, it is important to concentrate on looking to the future and how we might change our outcomes, and look at new ways of trying to achieve what previous government policies and political leaders have failed to do in any significant way. BREXIT is a particular challenge for this region and as we approach this even greater uncertain economic future, it will disproportionally affect this region because of the volatility of our current economy and of course our geographically proximity to the border. It is important that we have a robust growth plan that will support our economy and our citizens going forward.

    Derry City & Strabane District Council have developed a well-structured and, most importantly, costed and economically evaluated Strategic Growth Plan. In the absence of a devolved government, it is now crucial that local authorities are given more control over their future. Putting economic power into the hands of the local region may finally get things done that will improve the lives of our citizens. We need a much larger private sector – a private sector that is offering good salaries for high value jobs and output. This will increase wealth, health, reduce vulnerability and drive prosperity. 

    Now is not the time to stand still – now is the time for delivering on the promises of the past and if that is through a united City Growth deal then so be it.

  • BREXIT – So where are we now?

    BREXIT – So where are we now?

    The Prime Minister’s Mansion House speech was certainly the most realistic we have heard to date, but the problem was that it was not realistic enough and we need to get more real before it is too late. I think...

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  • Why Women Must Drive To Outnumber Dave

    Why Women Must Drive To Outnumber Dave

    The FTSE 100 lists only seven female CEO’s – in fact, there are more men called Dave than there are women in that grouping of business elites.I’d bet that if I showed you photographs of the 93 male CEO’s –...

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  • Derry's Tourism Offer Is Now World Class

    Derry's Tourism Offer Is Now World Class

    Chamber Of Commerce Vice President Jennifer McKeeverwrites a new column for the Derry NewsIt's easy to feel pretty downbeat, given the politicalchatter (or lack thereof … we're talking about you, Stormont assembly!) butactually that's not the vibe in much of...

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  • New Features on our Website

    New Features on our Website

    We are so excited to be making on going changes to our website and in the process creating new benefits and opportunities for our members to promote their business.You may have noticed that previously members had a separate area for...

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  • Why Enter for a Business Award?

    Why Enter for a Business Award?

    No matter the size of your business you can enter for a Business Awards. There are a huge variety of awards around from local to national, or industry based. You can find out about awards here at your local chamber...

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  • People Power: 5 Steps to Identify and Nurture your Top Talent

    People Power: 5 Steps to Identify and Nurture your Top Talent

    Your organisations top talent are the employees that are contributing more value to the company compared to other staff, and have the easiest time finding alternative employment! At the Chamber, we believe, that your Top Talent are your most valuable...

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  • 5 Reasons why Rory Best is a Great Leader

    5 Reasons why Rory Best is a Great Leader

    Last Week, Rory Best proved that he is not an exception to Ireland's tradition of turning out great captains. Not just because he led Ireland to an impressive win over England or because of his great show of leadership in...

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  • The Basics We Can't Forget

    The Basics We Can't Forget

    Everyday we seem to read about a different approach to business. Some recommend a focus on one-upping your competition, while others say it’s best to be original - identify your Niche, and the rest recommend innovating, reinventing the wheel and forgetting...

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  • New Year Resolutions

    New Year Resolutions

    At the Chamber we spend this time of the year reflecting on the year that has passed and looking ahead, planning how we are going to grow and develop going forward.  We are making ‘resolutions’ for improving our organisation in 2017....

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  • Five Tips for Effective Networking

    Five Tips for Effective Networking

    Networking, whether you're trying to develop your personal career or forge new business relationships, has become even more critical as online social networking becomes the norm. “Networking” is a buzzword that many of us have a serious love/hate relationship with.  ...

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  • 5 (Not so obvious) Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Business

    5 (Not so obvious) Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Business

    Your Smartphone is an essential tool in your everyday life.  We use our phones for documenting life events, staying in touch and even for entertainment. But your smartphone is also an incredibly useful business tool.  Outside of emails, calls and...

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  • Five Things you Must Do to Have a Successful Start -up

    Five Things you Must Do to Have a Successful Start -up

    In recent years there has been a surge in the amount of small and out of home businesses throughout the North West.  These businesses have innovation at their core, demonstrating that the Entrepreneurial spirit is alive, and thriving.Londonderry chamber of...

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  • Eures Tax Seminar

    Eures Tax Seminar

    Are you a cross border worker or employer?Are you unsure of the regulations and benefits for the cross border employee?The Londonderry Chamber, in association with Eures Cross Border Partnership, are holding a Tax Breakfast to provide cross border workers and...

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  • Cost Effective Recruitment

    Cost Effective Recruitment

    Graduate Internship Schemes at Ulster University         Ulster University is now inviting employers to become partners in their graduate internship schemes.All information can be found HERE

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  • President, Gerry Kindlon

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    Want to Join the Chamber? It's as easy as clicking HERE! 

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  • Derry Clinic Elite Aesthetic scoop major National Award

    Derry Clinic Elite Aesthetic scoop major National Award

    Derry Clinic Elite Aesthetic scoop major National Award - Derry Journal Two Derry women look set to follow in the footsteps of Apprentice winner Leah Totton after winning a prestigious award at a glitzy London Ceremony.Margaret Doherty and her daughter Emma  Heaney...

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  • Digital Marketing has become a necessity

    Marketing is evolving faster than ever before. Digital is no longer an afterthought in the overall marketing mix – it has become a necessity in its own right. Consumers are living fast paced, on the lifestyles and traditional marketing alone no...

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  • Welcome to the world of multichannel retailing

    Welcome to the world of multichannel retailing

    For all of you retailers – welcome to the world of multichannel retailing!By Sinead McLaughlin, CEHigh street retailers have been squeezed by falling consumer spending and rising costs - including energy,rents and rates.  Meanwhile the traditional stores are being challenged by...

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  • Where your Christmas story begins Derry~Londonderry

    * Where your Christmas story begins - Derry ~ Londonderry ~ Doire* Fantastic video by The Walled City of Derry-Londonderry with its winding streets, shops, restaurants, crafters and makers provides the perfect backdrop for an enchanting Christmas experience. This year,...

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  • How many people will go hungry this Christmas

    How many people will go hungry this Christmas

    How many people will go hungry this Christmas?Many of us take for granted opening the kitchen cupboard over the Christmas period and not having to worry about it being empty. Unfortunately there are many people in our City who don’t...

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  • Will you show your support ?

    Will you show your support by pressing the button?Make it work Campaign There is a growing interest within civil society in providing encouragement and support to all those involved in the talks process.  In light of this, a number of people...

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  • The key ingredient for future economic strength in Derry is ‘skills, skills, skills’

    As another Londonderry Chamber Dinner concludes we reflect on the inspiration and wisdom portrayed through the address made by Chamber President, Gerry Kindlon. To set the scene of the evening the Chamber Dinner 2014 was a spectacular event hosted in...

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