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5 (Not so obvious) Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Business

Your Smartphone is an essential tool in your everyday life.  We use our phones for documenting life events, staying in touch and even for entertainment.

But your smartphone is also an incredibly useful business tool.  Outside of emails, calls and social media there are many ways to creatively use your smartphone for your business.  So we have listed our 5 favourite uses for your smartphone at work.

5. Scan and Store Business Cards: We attend a lot of events and always leave with a pocket full of business cards and no time to manually enter all of the details into our contacts.  So with an app like CamCard – which is free on the app store,your phone can do this arduous task for you. CamCard even allows you to share additional content with other app users by having a video introduction and profile picture to your account on the cloud.  It will also give you a heads up at events,if other app users are in your vicinity at an event it will alert you to their presence and you will be able to view their details and see a picture of them prior to meeting them. (Very handy!).

4. Bring your CRM with you: To have mobile access to your companies CRM can be invaluable to any sales person. Having CRM on your mobile, gives you all of the information and tools that you need in order to close a deal on the spot, without having to go back to the office and desk to finalise documentation and figures and document your meeting.  You can gain access to all of the documentation you need on the move.

3. Last Minute Research: We have all been there, a meeting with a prospective client has been set up last minute or at an event with too many people to remember.  All you need to put you ‘in the know’ is a smartphone and internet access.  I am always on my phone doing last minute,additional research before a meeting or event, it’s great to know any recent news stories or big events involving your client or customer.

2. Managing your schedule: One of the most powerful smartphone features is the ability to synchronise your calendars, contacts and to do” lists across all of your devices.  In other words, if you synch your smartphone with your tablet, office and personal PC’s, then whatever you add into your smartphone will automatically appear on your other devices. Train yourself to put every event, meeting, invitation or deadline onto your smartphone calendar as soon as you know about it and let your smartphone do the rest!

1. Videos: Content creation and engagement are crucial to business these days, and video content is especially popular, and it really is as simple as lifting your smartphone from your pocket and giving it a go.  We can use our smartphones quite easily to create instructional videos, video introduction to new team members and even get a customer testimonial on the fly. If you would like to learn how to create and utilise video content, The Chamber is holding a Smartphone Promo Video Workshop facilitated by Donal Doherty at Engage Live.