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5 Reasons why Rory Best is a Great Leader

Last Week, Rory Best proved that he is not an exception to Ireland's tradition of turning out great captains. Not just because he led Ireland to an impressive win over England or because of his great show of leadership in that game by highlighting the targeting of Johnny Sexton by the English side. He has proven himself to be a great leader time and time again.

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Here we look at the reasons we have invited Rory Best to speak to our members and the local business community at our Leadership Dinner.

1. Teamwork: Rory Best has been quoted as saying he forms part of a leadership team.

“I’m captain and I get the honour of coming over here (to London) for the day. The rest of the guys are the ones that help drive things."

He promises to be a guide to the younger squad members but states that he was just one of a group of senior players providing the leadership. Great organisations understand the importance of taking a team approach to leadership and see the risks associated with unilateral leadership. Isolation at the top can significantly hurt top level decision making and business strategy.

Strong leaders have strong support teams, comprised of individuals who each have a unique voice, diverse skill sets and are not shy to challenge them. Two (or more) heads are always better than one, especially for making impactful business decisions.

2. Standing up for his team mates: In one brilliant example of leadership, Best spoke to referee Jerome Garces about the targeting of Johnny Sexton by the English team, in particular a nasty late tackle by Itoje, that left Sexton feeling his shoulder for a few moments afterwards.

When the ref told Best "We are in charge," Best responded "I know, but I also have a responsibility to my team." 60 seconds later, Sexton put Ireland 13-6 ahead.
When you stand up for people, you show that you're "on their side" and it builds long-term loyalty, trust, credibility and commitment in your team. It also gives your people a confidence boost.

Standing by your people shows that you are focused on your team's well-being and interests, rather than on yourself. This helps to create a positive working environment and shows everyone that you're a leader worth following.

3. Works Well with Others: Rory not only works well with his team mates and management but he is reported to be great at working with referees on the field to resolve situations.
Simon Eaterby has said; "He works well with the referee in trying to get the most out of situations, even though sometimes the referee won’t take the advice."

In order to optimise your effectiveness as a leader, you must have the ability to customise your approach on a person by person basis and based on the situation at hand. Your capacity to work with different people on both a one to one basis and in a group will play a huge role in your ability to get the best work out of your team and other partners along your journey.

4.Humble and Grounded: Rory best has been described by many as a grounded family man, who leads by example and has an appetite to continually improve and get better. His humility makes him a beacon of respect and a leader that the team look up to and want to follow.

Initially, when starting out as an entrepreneur self promotion and focus is required to be successful. However, when you start to achieve and build your team you need that same appetite to improve - so be open to ideas, improve listening, support a strong team, be willing to make mistakes and delegate. It is important to acknowledge and recognise team efforts in order to lead employees and your company to stability and greater success.

5. New Heights and Achievements: By being an inspirational and motivational leader to his team Rory Best has lead Ireland to newer and greater heights. He is the only Irishman to have captained his side to a win over New Zealand and victory over the Springboks on South African soil.

To be a successful leader in business today, you have to do more than just “lead.” Leaders have to be creative, innovative and passionate in order to inspire a team to pull together, solve problems creatively and outperform themselves.

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