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Will you show your support ?

Will you show your support by pressing the button?

Make it work Campaign 

There is a growing interest within civil society in providing encouragement and support to all those involved in the talks process.  In light of this, a number of people from a cross-section of backgrounds have come together to try to engage others to show their support for positive engagement with the talks process and to encourage positive outcomes.  

I am encouraging all of our Members to support the “Make It Work” campaign, which we hope will provide an opportunity for interested members of civil society to show their support. 

Visit Make It Work to show your support 

We recognise that this is a challenging time, and do not underestimate the difficulties ahead, however we believe that the opportunity afforded by these talks is one that cannot be missed, and that civil society has a responsibility to support and encourage all those involved.

 Gerry Kindlon, Chamber President