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Dublin’s 500 Amazon jobs shows way for Derry

Dublin is gaining an extra 500 jobs through a major investment by Amazon.  The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce argues that the same factors that have won these jobs for Dublin must be applied in Derry.

Chamber President Gavin Killeen says: “Amazon has explained that its decision to invest in Dublin was driven by a technically skilled workforce, Ireland’s continued membership of the EU, connectivity, high quality infrastructure and Dublin’s use of its transatlantic telecommunications cables.  These are exactly the factors that Londonderry Chamber of Commerce has consistently argued for in our city.

“This is not rocket science.  We in Derry all know what has to be done if our city is to turn itself around and cease being the UK’s unemployment capital.  We need the right skills, which means the expansion of Magee, plus the right skills focus in all our colleges and schools.  It needs much improved road links to Belfast and Derry, plus more routes at the City of Derry Airport.  

“We have a great telecommunications infrastructure, but the mobile connectivity in the rural areas around the city needs to substantially improved.  And we need Invest NI to sell our city’s superb city-wide high speed broadband connectivity, along with our ultra high speed telecoms link with North America, through Project Kelvin.  We also need the strength of electricity infrastructure that would enable data centres to locate here.

“So we know what the answers are – this isn’t even controversial.  What we need now is for our politicians, led by the Northern Ireland Executive, to provide the means for our city to be an economic powerhouse.  That is what our businesses and our people want.”