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What Brexit means

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce is hosting a breakfast seminar on Tuesday 4th October that will address the key issues facing businesses in the North West following the Brexit vote.  Businesses situated in the Irish border region will be among those most affected by the decision.

Speakers will consider the impact of currency values, trade costs, taxation, legal implications and the economic outlook.  The event will provide information and advice to assist local businesses in their responses to the current and future trading environment.  It is intended to assist businesses to prepare for changes in the market that will come as the UK prepares to leave the UK.

The event is sponsored by accountancy and consultancy firm BDO Northern Ireland.

Gavin Killeen, President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Brexit vote is one of the most significant political events that has happened in recent decades.  It will affect our economy and many of our local businesses will need to adjust their objectives and strategies to meet the changing environment.  This event is intended to assist local businesses to reflect on what is coming along the road and to plan accordingly.  We are very appreciative of BDO’s sponsorship of the event.”

Tax Partner at BDO Northern Ireland, Maybeth Shaw, said: “This is a timely and important event as businesses in the North West consider how new relations with Europe may influence long-term plans for jobs and growth. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped clients in this region establish reputations for innovation and creative enterprise by negotiating the highs and lows of market changes. Derry-Londonderry remains a hotbed for business and we look forward to sharing our views on how the local economy can best stave off potential turbulence in the months ahead.”

EU Referendum, What Next?, Implications & Considerations for Businesses.

Tuesday 4th October, 8.15am – 10.15am, Catalyst INC, Bay Road, Derry 

Attendance is free and places can be booked online at

Speakers include Gavin Killeen, President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce; Maybeth Shaw, Tax Partner at BDO; Philip Gilliland, Managing Partner of Caldwell and Robinson Solicitors; and Paul Gosling, Writer and Broadcaster.