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Introducing Scattr

When we moved into our offices in Bishop Street we opened an Entrepreneurial Hub space above our offices with the hope of encouraging some Entrepreneurs and offering them a helping hand.

The Scattr team, all aged between 21 and 24 are all fresh out of university: Megan Canavan is CEO, Liam Strawbridge and Luke Harkin are app developers; Eimear Gillen is marketing executive; and Kevin Campbell is sales executive. Yes, they are all young, but Meagan and her team - are making waves with anew ‘Pass the Parcel’ app.  

“Scattr works like pass the parcel on the mobile phone” explains one of the Scattr developers Luke Harkin. “Businesses promote themselves by giving away chances to win something from them - which can be, for example meals, activity sessions or gift vouchers. But first the users have to watch the business’ ten second ad. Win or lose, the user can then pass on the chance to win to their friends they think will be interested.”

The business’s marketing executive Eimear Gillen says “Scattr encompasses viral, targeted marketing through a highly engaging advertising platform.” “What makes Scattr unique is that its free for users to join and engage with their favourite brands”. “For businesses, it’s a fresh idea, a different approach and a new avenue that enables them to promote themselves to new and existing customers.”

Since the launch in October last year, an impressive 264 prizes have been won and more than 360 hours of ten second ads have been watched through the app. Use of the app has grown in just half a year to more than 50 registered businesses, including Brunswick Moviebowl, Everglades, Fitzroys and Airporter.

Whilst Scattr is continually growing in popularity in Derry, the ambitious five have set their sights on expanding to a wider audience. “We’ve been working on enabling location based features such as geo-targeting” says Liam Strawbridge, one of the Scattr app developers. “Soon our users will get notifications when a prize box is around their area - and not solely just in the town.”

Sales executive Kevin Campbell says: “Local businesses have been so supportive and appreciate that we’re new to it all.” “We’re from a generation that can’t be anywhere without their phone and so businesses trust us to know the best way to target their audience; which gives us validity to promote the effectiveness of mobile marketing.”

Scattr operates from the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce’s new Innovation Hub, which is based in its Bishop Street offices. Through the Hub, Scattr has received help and support from local experienced business leaders. “It’s important for us to take risks ourselves, we’re learning and you need to try things out to know what works” says Scattr CEO Megan Canavan. “It’s been a huge advantage having the Chamber there when we need an extra bit of advice”.

The app is growing fast, and with more and more businesses looking to get on the app you won’t want to miss out on any parcels! Make sure to sign up by searching for ‘Scattr’ on your app store!