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Londonderry Chamber Express Condolences to the Family of Frank Lawrence

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce would like to expresstheir sincere condolences to the family of Frank Lawrence, who sadly passedaway this week. Frank and his late wife Bridie were leading figures in thecity’s business community for many years.

ChamberPresident George Fleming said:

“FrankLawrence and his late wife Bridie have had a major impact on business life ofthe city for many decades.  Through his leadership and management atUnited Technologies, employment grew significantly as he attracted inwardinvestment to the city. Under his guidance, the factory not only provided workto hundreds of people during the darkest of times but also provided hope tomany who did not see a future in their home city.  But, it isperhaps, for the family business he started with his wife, Bridie, that he isbetter known.  Bridie's is one of Derry's best known and best loved brandsand a fitting legacy to a man that will be greatly missed.
In 2014 The Londonderry Chamber paid tribute to Frank by recognising hiscommitment to leadership in business when it was most needed in Derry with theChamber’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.  A well-deservedrecognition for a man who embraced change and proved that Derry was open forbusiness when many feared to invest. When we look back on Frank Lawrence’s lifein Derry, he helped keep the light at the end of the tunnel burning, he helpedkeep the commercial future alive in the city and he will be greatly missed.”