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57th President's Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce’s 57th Annual Dinner takes place this Friday, at 7pm at the Everglades Hotel.

Guest of honour and keynote speaker is Dave Mosley, Global President of Seagate, one of Derry’s largest employers, a world leading company and a major inward investor in the city. Seagate is an exemplar business, with 57,000 employees worldwide, at the cutting edge of technological progress and with a substantial commitment to research and development. The company employs more than 1,400 staff in Derry and has invested hundreds of millions of pounds in its operations in the city.

The Chamber dinner will also be attended by leading political and other decision-makers and influencers, including ministers, MPs, MEPs and MLAs.

President of the Chamber, Gerry Kindlon, said: “The Chamber is delighted to have a guest of honour and keynote speaker of the calibre of Dave Mosley. He is one of the world’s most influential business executives and it is a real compliment to the city of Derry and to the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce that Mr Mosley is attending our Annual Dinner.

“Seagate has been an important presence in Derry for 21 years. It is not only a major employer in the city and wider region, but it is also the type of business that our city would like to see more of. It is large, innovative, technology based, uses and builds the local skills-oriented economy and rewards its staff well. It is a pillar of the local economy.”