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Chamber welcomes Seagate investment

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce has warmly welcomed the announcement that Seagate has chosen Derry for its latest £35m investment in research and development.

Chief executive Sinead McLaughlin said:

"It is excellent news for Derry that Seagate is investing £35m in research and development in the Derry operation.  We are very pleased that this will create 35 new jobs in Derry and helps to secure Seagate's future in the city.

"These latest jobs are highly skilled and well paid.  This emphasises the reality that Derry must focus increasingly on providing the right skills for the new technology-based economy.  We need to produce far more high value skills.  This requires the expansion of local university provision. Other education providers must also take the demands for high value skills into account in their work programmes - as, indeed, many are doing.

"The Chamber firmly believes that the digital economy and new technologies have to be the base for creating a high value local economy, in which many more jobs are created at good rates of pay.  This latest announcement by Seagate confirms that our demands for university expansion and a stronger skills base in the local economy are correct."