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Launch of North West Business magazine

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce has launched a newregional business magazine, CONNECTED.  It is the official publication ofthe Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and it will be accessible via the Chamberof Commerce website - as well as being delivered across a range of multi-media platforms throughour key regional stakeholders in the region.

Sinead McLaughlin, chief executive of Londonderry Chamberof Commerce, said: “This is an exciting next stage in the development of theLondonderry Chamber of Commerce.  It illustrates our commitment to meetthe needs of our members and to make our voice heard. 

“We hope the magazine will soon become a part of therecognised fabric of the local business scene, showcasing all that is bestabout businesses not just in Derry, but across the North West region on bothsides of the border.  One of the main aims of the publication is toprovide a new vehicle for local businesses to tell people just how good theyare and so to increase revenues for the local economy.  It is all aboutour businesses within the region being CONNECTED!

“The magazine is being distributed to all our members.Our initial print run has been 2000 and we will distribute them to our membersand into key organisations and hotels throughout the region.  We are alsolaunching a digital version of the magazine, which is being sponsored by theEURES Cross Border Partnership and we will looking to have a large digitalfootprint of 20,000, including an ambition to reach our diaspora throughout theworld.”

Gerry Kindlon, Chamber President, said: “CONNECTED willdeliver positive messages about the North West region being open for businessand connected. It is an informative magazine that will endeavour to keep thebusiness community informed of regional developments and lobbying activitiesthat are helping to support the commercial life of the region.

“The magazine also offers a vibrant blend of topical,intelligent feature articles, essential business news, general advice piecesand interviews with well-known local business leaders and others. It willreflect the passion, innovation and business that is taking place across thisregion each and every day. We intend to engage across Donegal, Derry, andStrabane, connecting with other businesses beyond the city to demonstrate thatwe are a thriving, exciting and connected region.”

· The launch of the magazine took place on Friday, 19 May at 2.00 p.m. inthe North West Science Park.