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Protect economic courses, urges Chamber

TheLondonderry Chamber of Commerce has urged Ulster University to prioritisecourses that support the economy.

Presidentof the Chamber Gerry Kindlon said:

"Universities,the skills they generate, their research and their own activities lie at theheart of the modern economy.  Derry already has an economy that is in direstraights.  The last thing we need is for a reduction in the skills outputlocally.

"Wecall on Ulster University to prioritise courses that benefit the economy whenit makes its decisions on where to make the cuts to student numbers, coursesand staff.  We very much wish that no cuts were being made.  Butrecognising that the decision to cut has already been taken, we believe theUniversity must do what it can to protect activities that support the economy. We therefore call on it to protect Magee and the courses of greatest economicrelevance."