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Gavin Killeen takes over as Chamber President

Gavin Killeen, managing director of successful Derry company Nuprint, takes over as President at the annual general meeting of Londonderry Chamber of Commerce on Thursday evening (10 December).

Gavin Killeen says:

"I look forward to my term as President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce, building on the rich legacy of my predecessors.  For me, the priority will be the themes of education and skills.  

"I am convinced that employers must lead the changes in the education and skills environment.  There will be no let-up from the Chamber in the core demands of better road networks and the expansion of Magee, but we also need to make an almighty push on the areas where we can have the greatest impact.  Skills are at the heart of this.

"I want there to be open channels of dialogue, through which all the key players consider what they can do to help our city and region be equipped with the skilled workforce needed by the economy of today and tomorrow.  Those conversations need to engage the post-primary schools, the North West College and Magee campus, as well as employers.  One of our objectives must be to persuade more of our students who go away to study to return home after completing their degrees.

"But it is just as important to build vocational skills, including through higher level apprenticeships.  I also want the Chamber to be involved in promoting skills development for micro-businesses, to strengthen the Digital Derry brand and develop a cross-border skills innovation corridor.

"I have spent the past five years driving the skills and training agenda.  As incoming President I will not let-up on this priority.  In addition, I intend to further strengthen the Chamber's services to our members and to continue recent years' impressive growth in the size of our membership and the quality of our member representation."