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‘City of Derry Airport an essential piece of economic infrastructure’

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce has urged local people to support their local airport.

“The City of Derry Airport is an essential piece of the regional economic infrastructure,” said Gavin Killeen, President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.  “If we are serious about attracting inward investment and supporting local businesses to be efficient and productive then our local airport is key.  The Belfast airports are too far away to adequately service the needs of people and businesses in Derry, Strabane and Donegal.

“It is disappointing that some City of Derry flight times are inconvenient and fail to maximise demand.  But decisions on flight times are in the hands of the airline, not the airport.  It is wrong to criticise the airport for decisions that are outside its control.

“Economic studies have concluded that the core requirements for economic development for a city or region are good road and rail links, an airport, a strong local skills base and a full sized university with appropriate courses.  Our Chamber of Commerce has consistently argued for, and will continue to campaign for, the strengthening of all these factors.

“Those who call for the airport to be closed are trapped in an attitude of negativity and pessimism.  Our sub-region is geographically marginalised.  If we want to be economically successful and independent then it is imperative that we strengthen our transport links, not worsen them.  

“Consequently we call on local people, including local businesses, to do all that they can to support their local airport.  This includes flying from the airport where they can and to communicate directly with airlines via social media to encourage them to establish new routes from City of Derry Airport.”