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Brexit - The Big EU Debate

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce is hosting a debate on the Brexit proposition, this coming Wednesday, 9th March.  Leading advocates for EU membership and for Brexit will be on the panel.

Speakers are:

Angela McGowan, chief economist, Danske Bank

Jim Allister MLA, leader of the TUV

Daithi O’Cealligh, former Irish Ambassador to the UK

Susan Hayes – Managing Director, HayesCulleton 

Brian Doherty – former head of the NI Government Legal Service

Gavin Killeen – President, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce 

Compere: Naomi McMullan of The Profit Margin

Londonderry Chamber of Commerce chief executive Sinead McLaughlin said: “With a referendum on Britain’s role in the EU scheduled for the 23 June, the EU debate is coming to the forefront of concerns for business and community leaders alike. For Derry/ Londonderry, a border city that has benefited from North/South co-operation, the implications of Britain’s possible exit from the EU are extensive. Northern Ireland stands as the only region in the UK which shares a land border with another state and as such will be one of the most affected by the potential exit from the European Union.

“With issues to be discussed including the impact on economical stability in the region, the peace process and border controls, our debate will consider the pros and cons and arguments for and against an exit.  We believe the discussion will assist our business leaders in formulating their views on this vital political decision.”

The event is sponsored by Danske Bank.  It takes place at the Waterfoot Hotel, from 9.30 am to 1 pm on Wednesday 9th March.